About Wallace Design

My name is Astrid N. Wallace and I live on Norway’s west coast. I studied graphic design at The Art Institute of Boston, and graduated in 1990.

Since then I have worked as a graphic designer. First employed in a larger design agency, and then many years running my company, Wallace Design. As a graphic designer, I have always loved working with form, shape and color, and in the recent years I have had the pleasure of studying Pattern Surface Design.

With years of study and working professionally, and developing a solid understanding of basic visual issues and principles, I have been so thrilled to direct my energy and attention to the design aspect that are closest to my heart. This has been a study of nature as a resource for my visual expression being inspired by and simplifying my photos or hand drawn studies of natural patterns and imagery.

I have presented a selection of the designs I create. Some of these designs have been applied to prototypes as pillowcases, wallpaper and wrapping paper. (Made locally by me, for my own use). Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in seeing more of my designs.

The designs and illustrations are my own. The layout and treatment of these images were also done by myself for use on anything – such as single panels, or as part of repetitive patterns. These designs can be used on virtually any type of surface.